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Fulfilling promises

How can marketers be accountable?

Four steps.

Step One: Believe that you can make a difference.  If you can make a difference then you will be motivated and naturally want to work on the right projects.  Projects that mean something to your organization and ones that help you grow and learn.  Projects that highlight your value, which is very important.   

Step Two: Promise what you will do or create.  Put yourself out there and commit.  Take a chance, but be willing to ask for help.  I think it is important to clarify your promise in an email, or a document or in a power point slide.   Be flexible and clear so that you can make sure you have made the right promises.   

Step Three: Do what you promise.  It feels good and is good to do what you say you will do.   This is the time to be creative and innovative.  On occasion you will do more than you promised.  Your reputation depends on you doing your part. 

Step Four:  Hold yourself to high standards for communication and effort.  Sometimes you will not be in control of the result and that is ok.  Accept it.  Control what you can and have trust in your leadership to help you work around the uncontrollable.