Why it is great to work where I work

GE recently announced three new leaders through the internal announcement system. These leaders were asked if they had any advice to share.  I have done a simple cut and paste blog on their responses.  These three do not need me to add anything.  What great responses!

Richard Hausmann, VP of Magnetic Resonance: There are two lessons I’ve learned in my career: first, always be open to new situations and innovative ideas (standing still means falling back), and second, it’s all about a good team. My former boss always said: nobody is perfect but a team can be!

Banmali Agrawala, President and CEO for GE Energy in India: I have learned to listen to people before speaking my mind. I have learned this the hard way as earlier in my career I was rather eager to share my opinions rather than listen to others. More often than not, one only learns by listening to others.

Puneet Mahajan, VP and Chief Risk Officer:  I would say a few things
  – You are only as good as your team
  – Take the tough jobs that will differentiate you from your peers
  – Build deep domain and ensure you embrace globalization
  – Be Humble & Curious – learning is a continuous process


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