Marketing Manager of Spare Tires

Would you buy a car if the dealership explained that a spare tire is not included?  I think I would keep looking and buy somewhere else.  Would you pay more for a car that includes a spare tire?  Huh?  At times the challenge for marketing managers is to market something that customers have come to expect, like a new car, complete with a spare tire (insert jingle here).  It may also be worth considering how your promotions can change customer expectations.  If you include a what was an optional feature, it can be difficult to end the promotion and make the feature optional again. 

Spare tire's for everyone!

The problem I see is that it is not always obvious that you have become the marketing manager of spare tires.  Ask yourself questions about value, keeping in mind that if it is valuable, customers will pay for it. Don’t risk becoming the marketing manager of spare tires. 

  • Will a customer pay for this feature?
  • Are we the only ones offering this feature?
  • Does this feature make our overall value proposition stronger?

If you answer “no” to two or more of these, if might be worth checking to see if your energies would be better spent marketing features that really make a difference to customers.


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