What is new?

What is new?  “Nothing” or “not much” are possible answers.  What do you think?  Is there anything really new, or is it just de novo?  You are not alone, I had to google de novo to learn that it is latin (that I guessed) for, “again, but in a different way.”  Hmm.  Those Romans were so smart to have created two little words for saying six words.  I think I spend most of my time working on things that have already been done and trying to find ways to enhance or improve it.  I am a de novo marketing manager.

I worked on trademark protection this morning and had to be reminded that the patent protects the technology and ideas, and that the trademark protects the name.  Trademarks and patents protect people and organizations who innovate and create new products, services, or processes.  This is what got me thinking about what is new, really new.  As someone who professes to be up-to-date, I am more than a little embarrassed that I cannot name five new things or new ideas that I have read about or experienced.  I am starting a list:

1. Fully electric car for production – Nissan Leaf.    The hybrid was new.


One response to “What is new?

  1. 2. Sony Walkman
    3. Apple iPad

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