Red Tape

Ever wonder where the term “red tape” came from?  In the 16th century Henry VIII wanted a divorce and took to petitioning Pope Clement VII.  Already this is a good story.  Henry was married to Catherine of Aragon and it was not working out.  The tradition at that time was to send documents to the Vatican with a red ribbon binding.  Henry was persistent and sent over 80 documents to Rome.  These documents are now part of the Vatican archives.*  The Pope was apparently in no hurry to help out the King of England.  Sometime later, Charles Dickens used the term “red tape” in one of his books in the context that we understand today.  Told you it was a good story.

As marketers, I think one of the most value adding things we can do every day is to respond quickly and simply to our external and internal customers.

* The 80 documents will not be a dramatic key element of  a new book by Dan Brown called, Marriage and Divorce.


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