I do not believe that Jim Tressel, the Ohio State (OSU) football coach, hates Michigan.  Even though he wants to beat Michigan every year.  My sense of it is that Coach Tressel uses the OSU / Michigan rivalry in a way that improves what his team does and how their season progresses.  Tressel does not disparage or disrespect Michigan in any way.  He shows the rivalry and competition respect.  He focuses on what his team needs to do to win. 

Is it so much different in business?  Healthy competition in the market is good for consumers and drives the competitors to differentiate on service, quality, speed or price (qsp).   Wal-Mart and Target compete in a differentiated oligopoly.  Both want to win every holiday shopper on Black Friday.  Consumers in the US can be thankful  for the healthy competition that exists between these retailers.  Especially because we do not see or hear negative advertising from Wal-mart or Target.


2 responses to “Competition

  1. I agree that healthy competition in the marketplace is good for the consumer, resulting in better prices and service. However, from the business point of view, I would think some view it as a necessary evil, since they can’t compete with the big box retailers and get hurt by the “healthy” competition.

  2. I too agree that competition in the marketplace is good. it helps you to strive to always improve and maintain or create better products.

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