Product positioning is the marketing term used to describe the place held by the product in the mind of the target market.  Marketers strive to create a unique and meaningful identity for their products.  Positioning can also apply to product-lines, brands, or organizations.   A popular way to depict the position is with the Marketing Perceptual Map. In the example shown, Lincoln is the most conservative and classy brand and VW is a practical and slightly sporty brand. 

At times a marketer may have a challenge to change the position of their product, this is referred to as repositioning.  Another strategy in highly competitive environments is the attempt by marketers to position a competitor’s product.  This is referred to as depositioning.


One response to “Positioning

  1. I would think that unless a company wishes to compete on price alone, it is critical that they get positioning right. They must make the consumer understand why their product or service is worth more than anothers and do it outside of price. It really is a matter of differentiation.

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