Privacy Protection

Poll Question. Marketing debate question from Chapter 5. Online and offline privacy protection are current and important topics for market researchers and marketing managers. 


4 responses to “Privacy Protection

  1. Tonja Rogers-Williams

    I have been off-line for years and have never had any identity theft or been mischarged on my credit accounts, but recently after paying one bill on line my credit card was wrongly charged and I keep getting emails from services that I did not order. Most of the companies today are pressing the issue, but I wish they would stop.

  2. Patrick Lauriano

    I am concerned with both, because when buying at the store they still keep my information (credit card), for at least two years. I can only hope they keep and dispose of the information ethicaly.

  3. I am equally concerned with both online, and offline security because identity theft is a scary situation to go through. In addition to that it can take years to fully recover from an identity theft crisis.

  4. I feel that it’s important to be concerned about both. Online people have ways to get to your information with out you knowing that it’s open for other people. Offline people can look at records that they keep and they will use your information to their benefit if they don’t get caught. You should be catious of who you give information to and what information you are giving out. I like to find out who see’s my info, how long it stays with a company and how often my info will get used. Like automatic payments they keep your account number and the next time your pay your bill they remember your card number well how many of the employee’s know my full account number, should I be nervous about money mystriously coming out of my bank account?

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