Cohorts are groups of people who experience the same meaningful events at the same chronological age.   

Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964)

Key characteristics (1946 – 1954) : experimental, individualism, free-spirited, social cause oriented

Key characteristics (1955 – 1964) : less optimistic, pragmatic, general cynicism

Generation X (1965 – 1980) aka Gen X

Key characteristics: quest for emotional security, independent, informality, entrepreneurial

Generation Y (1978 – 1998) aka the Millennials or the Peter Pan Generation

Key characteristics: quest for physical security and safety, heightened fears, acceptance of change, technically savvy, environmental issues


2 responses to “Cohorts

  1. Tonja Rogers-Williams

    Wow, as I read the information presented by wikepedia, I remembered being called Generation X as hip-hop was an exciting part of my teen years. I alwayss felt it was a negative term to discribe my generation. It was uplifting to find out that my generation is most educated, but disheartening to know we earned less than the boomers. Between the boomers and Gen Y is an interesting position for my generation.

  2. Antionette Campbell

    I too recall being called Generation X, I remember the Pepsi commercial that came out stating we are “The Next Pepsi Generation”. Looking back into my teens and early 20’s how much have change, such as technology, the way people live and think. In the 90’s it was so important to go to college after high school to receive the jobs of your dreams. Just thinking about recieving a degree means I would have to compete with baby boomers for the corporate jobs. Now a days most high school graduates have an option to wait after college because they have vocational classes that you can recieve a certificate of vocation specialty. I like being Gen X, it gives me the opportunity to share what I have learn in my era and to expand my learning for the upcoming technology.

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